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Skincare & Cosmetic:

Experiencing a Flawless Flourish with the Journey of MMG’s Chinese Marketing Services

Challenge :
In the highly competitive beauty and skincare industry, Chinese domestic brands have surged, causing foreign brands to lose their initial edge. Amid the pandemic, the Thai tourism market suffered significantly, resulting in minimal offline purchases of Thai essential oils by Chinese consumers, leading to declining sales. Finding ways to survive and thrive in adverse conditions became imperative.
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E-commerce Expansion: Assisted in establishing a Tmall flagship store, enabling Chinese customers to conveniently purchase Thai essential oils domestically, breaking down purchasing barriers and boosting sales. Focused on promoting Hero Products from brand establishment to product promotion in the Chinese market.


WeChat Brand Presence: Created a WeChat official account to disseminate highly readable and practical information, aligning product introductions with real-time Chinese trends to enhance readership and customer conversions. Each article included purchase links for immediate customer convenience.


Online Platform Presence: Registered accounts on popular Chinese internet platforms like Redbook and Weibo to disseminate brand-related content, targeting potential customer groups for brand visibility. Conducted occasional lucky draw events to increase account traffic and convert potential consumers.


Influencer Collaboration: Collaborated with 500+ Chinese influencers on Redbook and Douyin during the pandemic and 100+ influencers who are based in Thailand after China opened, leveraging their reach to endorse Hero products.

Skincare Cosmetic

Brand Recognition: SATIRA, in collaboration with MMG for four years, is now recognized as the “Thai national essential oil brand.” Certified as an international brand across major internet platforms. Achieved increased sales on Chinese e-commerce platforms during the pandemic.


Offline Store Sales Growth: Enhanced brand recognition across internet platforms, becoming a “must-buy” Thai product, preferred as souvenirs by tourists visiting Thailand post-pandemic, resulting in a 50% increase in offline store sales. Additionally, stimulated growth in Chinese e-commerce platform sales. (Through joint efforts between MMG and the brand, the client extended the contract for the Terminal 21 mall’s pop-up store for an additional year.)


Social Media Engagement: Monthly article readings reached 100,000+ across platforms for product promotion. Accumulated over 200,000 fans across various social media platforms, actively sharing and expanding SATIRA’s visibility, aiding in converting more potential consumers.

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