Full-Services Digital Marketing

Full-Service Digital Marketing

Get your brand in front of the right Chinese consumers. 
You can trust MMG Thailand’s marketing division can handle all your marketing needs, such as social media marketing, ads serving, web traffic, content marketing, platform marketing, KOLs and more
Rise above the rest, and let us help you make an impact in the world‘s most potential market.

Social Media Marketing

In China, the netizens are very social media savvy, so you must communicate on the right platforms and in the right way to resonate with the consumers. 
Effective social media marketing for Chinese tourists, expats, and Mainland Chinese consumers fuels your brand to reach your target consumers by leveraging the key social media platforms such as WeChat and Weibo.
Partner with the right marketing agency to ensure it is done effectively and correctly


WeChat has more than one billion DAU (Daily Active Users), China’s biggest social media platform, similar to international platforms like Facebook and Line. It is the primary application that Mainland Chinese communicate and share their daily lives. 
Setting up a WeChat Official Account should be the first step in your Chinese marketing strategy. It can take the place of traditional websites, payment solutions, customer service, and many other functions.
MMG Thailand will leverage China’s number 1 social media and instant messaging platform to market directly to your potential customers. You can be reassured we will drive the conversation and revenue by activating your social media presence with Chinese consumers on WeChat.


Weibo is China‘s version of Twitter with 605 million MAU (Monthly Active User), a powerhouse microblogging website & application.
It’s one of China’s largest social media platforms after WeChat by Tencent and is a vital part of the Chinese social media ecosystem.
MMG Thailand has launched Weibo marketing campaigns that have resulted in millions of clicks and accomplished remarkable growth in followers for our clients

Douyin / Tik Tok

Douyin has amassed more than 800 million DAU (Daily Active User) with demographics, mainly 19-35 years old and growing fast, making it the number 1 sharing app in Mainland China, created by young tech giant Bytedance.
The application allows users to create, edit, and share short videos for up to 5 minutes or even live streams, often featuring music in the background. However, contrary to what people believe, many news and information videos add to the application appeal.

Discover more about the Platforms and Solutions for Social Media Marketing.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is a highly effective Chinese digital marketing tactic for leveraging your brand or product sales and visibility.
Brands can partner with well-known, iconic KOL’s in China or can hire actors to conduct the live streams; both can be highly effective in driving awareness and conversions.
Leverage the hottest Livestream platforms:
  • Promotions
  • Product reviews
  • Sales of inventory
  • Marketing across multiple platforms
  • Marketing across multiple platforms
We have an e-commerce center featuring all the requirements to activate a successful live streaming campaign for your brand.

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Web Traffic

Ensuring your brand or business is found easily online, raise awareness and drive potential consumers to your Chinese hosted website or social media channels.
With a large amount of internet traffic in China coming from search engines such as Baidu, it is imperative to have high-ranking SEO and effective SEM performance; this is essential for your company’s success.


High-ranking search engine performance is the most effective form of marketing available in China. 
Eighty percent of China’s online search market originates from Baidu, so brands that want to push the conversions must leverage effective SEO tactics. It’s necessary to optimize your brand’s search results to lead potential customers to your product page and website. 


We have managed hundreds of SEM campaigns on Baidu with outstanding results. Our team of marketing experts continuously measure, adjust, and re-measure to ensure SEM performance is at the highest potential.
  • Keyword analysis
  • Engaging copy
  • Dynamic landing pages
  • And more.

Content Marketing

In the massive Chinese ecosystem, content marketing is vital in creating a buzz around your brand.
Content Marketing is a strategic approach that focuses on creating and distributing relevant, valuable, and consistent content that attracts and retains a defined audience to produce a positive ROI. Still, the approach is far more in-depth and based on consumer relationships with the brand.
The types of content marketing are news releases, blogs, videos, images, infographics, social media posts, broadcasts, interviews with KOLs, testimonials, stories, opinions, reviews, plus the use of QR codes and hashtags. 

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The best practice is to put together a 3-dimensional blueprint to have your content marketing plan successful. 1- First, we need to leverage the power of thought leadership. Create a buzz around little-known products or brands quickly. 2- Secondly, push information on digital bulletin boards (online forums)in China. 3-Lastly, by integrating QR codes for prizes and coupons, building custom games within social platforms, and then measuring results through analytics and social listening tools, your brand can achieve consistent growth on the many platforms tied to consumer buzz and activity. MMG Thailand has successfully set up many content marketing strategies that have successfully taken little-known products to market and created a buzz with outstanding ROI.

Discover more about the Platforms and Solutions for Social Media Marketing.


Your Chinese advertising campaigns need to be Localized. This is done by partnering with an in-market digital marketing agency with the experience to carry out a successful localized campaign. 

Digital media

Digital media is a crucial pillar to an influential Chinese marketing campaign to impact the market. 
We are guided by the latest digital media technology and localized creative content that resonates with consumers. MMG Thailand is at the forefront of performance marketing to ensure we get the best results possible.

Ads serving

The ads must be delivered to critical viewers. We do this by continuously optimizing the ads to ensure ad servers select the most suitable viewers for the campaign’s goals. MMG Thailand’s objective is to deliver the highest value marketing content available. 

Programmatic Display Ads

This is an excellent way to reduce media spend and customer acquisition expenditure. Trust MMG Thailand understands the digital landscape of China, inside and out. 
You can run your ads on relevant Chinese portals, all with substantial followings and low acquisition costs, such as:
  • Blogs
  • Portals
  • Web forms
  • Bulletin board systems
  • And more

Media spend optimization

It is best to optimize all your media spend and continuously monitor results with analytics and big data that will ensure to reduce your spending goes further.

(E-Commerce) In Platform Marketing

In this competitive market, you must stand out from your competitors. 
You must market to your potential customers when they visit the leading third-party e-commerce sites and when they demonstrate the intention to buy.
Partner with MMG Thailand with the experience to drive Chinese consumers from intention to taking action.

Tmall Marketing

Ensure that you leverage specific strategies and tactics that drive the conversations into revenue. 
Ensure the message always rises above the noise on the most popular e-commerce channels, and your platform advertising budget is efficiently spent.
We will negotiate the best advertising packages on the critical Chinese third-party platforms to ensure your brand has the best exposure possible. 
It is also imperative that your marketing timing matches with the promotional calendar to drive effective marketing to ensure consumers see your products at precisely the correct time
MMG Thailand knows how to drive platform conversions on Tmall.

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JD Marketing

You must understand the differences between T mall and JD and all other platforms in the market to drive growth to your brand
Drive conversions on JD.com now.
Discover more about JD.com essentials.


More than one billion mobile phone users in China and the consumer’s mobile experience are essential components to drive revenue and growth inside the market.
Put your brand in the hands of millions of consumers in China, on relevant platforms, with solutions that are native to your audience’s most popular platforms.

Trust MMG Thailand’s expertise in the Chinese market focuses on sales conversions that will result in a high ROI.


After ensuring that your company has the product mix successfully localized for China, You will also need to be sure that all your marketing materials are localized to resonate with the Chinese market. 
MMG Thailand will ensure that your brand is being communicated in a manner that resonates in the Chinese market. 


MMG Thailand Business services team recruits the best multilingual talent both in-house and from across China to provide the highest quality translation, ensuring your key messages are being communicated effectively and correctly.

Chinese Language Lessons

Fluency Fuels Success—Elevate Your Business with MMG Thailand’s Expert Chinese Language Training for Enhanced Customer Relations and Expansive Growth

Discover more about the Platforms and Solutions for Social Media Marketing.

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