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China is the largest e-commerce market globally, with 53% of all retail sales on purchases made online, accounting for 52.1% of all e-commerce sales globally at 2.78 trillion USD. Compared to the United States that ranks number 2 globally with 843.15 Billion USD.
MMG, the number one e-commerce expert in Thailand, is ready to build your brand in China and help you tap into the billion-dollar e-commerce market.


Research and analysis is the first step in ensuring that your product or brand is right for China’s e-commerce market.
Many companies don’t do the proper research and learn too late that Chinese consumers don’t like their products or packaging.
MMG Thailand will research the market using big data from the specific market and all potential competitors to ensure the product, packaging, marketing, and story are all suitable for the Mainland Chinese e-commerce market.

It is necessary to execute thorough research to ensure that your brand, product, and packaging are appropriate for the Chinese market before starting your expansion plans.
A product that sells in Thailand or is a flagship product might not be suitable for China, and in some cases, one of your secondary products turns out to be the best seller.
MMG Thailand has an international team of research professionals in China and Thailand that can understand your company’s culture, identity, and goals to deliver comprehensive research that will help you succeed. 
Research solutions

  • A benchmark for competitors, market intelligence, and consumer insights.
  • Mapping and scoring platforms that can be leveraged according to your business objectives for your digital integration strategy.
  • Researching in an objective and data-driven approach ensures the creative briefing recommendations are accurate and will be effective
  • Collecting data from local professionals and end-consumers to give more insight into branding direction.
  • Collecting KPIs and strategic support information.
Research & Analysis

Research is a crucial phase in the planning process. Ensuring your strategy is targeted and ultimately successful in building a prestigious and resonating branding image will help you compete with local brands and have a competitive edge over other foreign competitors.

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Research & Analysis


Allows your business to validate launching a new brand in China with a complete market analysis that gives your brand a competitive edge in the Chinese e-commerce market. 
The market analysis aims to provide the key drivers of a successful branding and e-commerce strategy resulting in relevant data to leverage your competitive attributes.

MMG Thailand activates various methodologies to identify your brand’s strategy’s touchpoints to help you design a clear road map for your brand’s introduction and future success in the market.
  • Collection of data and branding benchmark with documenting research
  • Precise mapping and qualification of digital platforms to leverage your e-commerce, social media, and search engine campaigns.
  • Using focus groups to validate branding messages and other critical components of launching your brand in China.
  • Creating awareness surveys with Chinese consumer panels.
  • Conduct interviews with market experts, clients, and prospects to determine the best to leverage your brand.
  • Workshops with industry-focused experts will define the creative brief and promotional roadmap for your brand market entry in China
The objective is to give you information that will allow you to make accurate business decisions in China.

Market Analysis

MMG Thailand conducts local research projects such as market analysis in tier one and tier two cities in China that help you identify these essential points.
  • Key growth drivers
  • Feasibility for market entry
  • The total size of the market
  • Segments of the market
  • Socio-economic development in the market
  • Trends in the global market
Research & Analysis

Insightful Analysis

We also deliver insightful analysis about the environment of your market segment in China, such as
  • Profitability and cost analysis
  • Strategy for promotions
  • A viable approach to enter the market
  • Trade regulations and rules imposed in the regional market
  • Production and point of sale
  • Potential competitors and existing players in the market
  • Performance analysis of existing players in the market

Resulting in The Following

The analysis will allow us to give 360 recommendations and a brand image study in the following form
  • Powerpoint including graphs
  • Raw data collected in excel format
  • Auto files and videos from focus groups with conclusions
  • Marketing strategy recommendations  

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