About MMG

We Are From Mainland China

Molihua Media Group (MMG) is the only mainland Chinese-operated Chinese marketing and e-commerce consulting company based in Bangkok, Thailand.
In mainland China, they use entirely different platforms from the rest of the world, although their functions and targets are similar. In addition, they require a more complex sign-up process than most platforms globally due to security and government requirements. We understand the Chinese market 100% with the know-how and dedicated expertise to achieve your highest expectations.

Real-Time Chinese Information

The Chinese market changes daily, so our research department is at the core of our business, ensuring we are informed about the latest trends and developments to deliver the most effective marketing and e-commerce solutions available. We are deeply rooted in China’s digital ecosystem, assuring we will provide innovative and effective results.

Professional Team

Our goal is to empower our clients’ businesses and support them with relevant and compelling suggestions and solutions to grow their business.
MMG Thailand achieves this with a dynamic team of Thai, Chinese, and Western members with years of experience in Thailand and abroad. All with the focus of clearly understanding the differences and potential of two markets and the “Pain Points” for various industries and businesses.

Unique Solutions 

We understand that each business is unique, with specific selling points that require bespoke solutions. We distinguish the most suitable solutions that match the brand’s goals and keep the established identity while adapting to the Chinese audience. 
We are NOT an ordinary digital marketing agency, so we don’t provide fixed packages. Every client deserves the choice of solutions for their unique product or service.

Friendly Budget 

We operate each project with our established team of experts in Thailand and China; we do not outsource to other agencies to ensure that budgets are competitive( Although we do offer white-label services to other agencies ).

We take pride in guiding our clients with an open and transparent experience to maintain a lasting business relationship.

Positive Results

Delivering results-oriented Chinese marketing programs that enhance our client’s branding, improve sales and foster their growth.
Years of Experience

Happy Clients

Diverse Industries Work Experience with Clients
Impressive Client Loyalty Rate (clients with over 3-year tenure)
Remarkable Client Referral Rate (2023 new clients acquisition from existing/previous clients)
More Value Delivering Beyond the Market Standard
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