Operations – Store Set Up

Operations Store Set Up

Operations - Store Set-Up

Let your brand shine through with our expertise to set up and operate your storefront.
Activate your brand on the powerful e-commerce platforms in China, with our experienced team guiding the way to ensure your success.  Across both third-party e-commerce and native channels, trust MMG Thailand to handle store design, registration, development, and deployment. 


E-commerce store operations require a seamless and consistent consumer experience with operational efficiency.

We achieve this by designating a dedicated team for each brand with a clearly laid out plan monitored and improved daily by data analytics, BI, and AI from our technology/innovation team. We are results-driven and strive to achieve our client’s sales goals with the highest efficiency.

Our operations services scope includes a wide range of channels and platforms such as JD.com, T Mall, and Pinduoduo. Also, we can operate your official .cn website, all social media platforms such as WeChat mini-programs and O2O, Omni-channels.

Store Operations
The specific areas of operations and optimization:

Store Operations

  • In platform management
  • CSR executions
  • Move customers through a funnel
  • T Mall/ JD.com PPC & SEO
  • Promotions


  • Performance management
  • Product management
  • Loyalty programs
  • Data monitoring
  • Reputation management
  • Inventory management
  • Financial management


All Channels in the market must be working together to drive growth for your brand.
When you are leveraging TMall agencies, distributor programs, third-party marketplace, or working D2C, we need to make sure each channel is continually performing and optimized at the highest level.

Platform Operations

We have many years of experience operating all third-party platforms.

You can count on us to drive growth on all your platforms with promotional activations, marketing insights, and more.

Channel Management

Channel Management

We ensure that all of your brand’s channels are fully optimized and performing at the highest possible levels.
We can synchronize third-party, native e-commerce, and brick-and-mortar to provide you with a seamless brand experience in China.

Trade Partner Integration

Integration with trade partners your group is leveraging in the market, ensuring a consistent brand experience for all of your customers, with a predictable P&L across all third-party stores in the Chinese market. 
Here are the key areas to maintain consistent control of your group’s trade partner integration system.
  • Control P&L in market
  • Communicate brand values
  • Control brand image, positioning & price
  • Execute your preferred strategy
  • Effectively market
  • Manage the relationship with all your customer’s

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Distributor Integration

Distributor Integration

It is crucial to understand how the agreements with distributors in the market fit your brand’s presence in China to integrate all pillars of your brand into the market so you can drive growth and profitability.
Channel Administration

Channel Administration

We have experience in consulting leading B2B and B2C brands in China to activate and deploy the proper channels for your brand.  
We are at the cutting edge of the Chinese “new retail” landscape from offline to online. Make sure your brand is positioned to win


Achieve full compliance for your group’s operations in the market with all financial components handled seamlessly once the customer has converted.  
MMG Thailand’s business consulting division can set up your business’s finances entirely in line with head offices while being in full compliance with municipal, provincial, and federal regulations in China. 
Tax Management

Tax Management

Our Chinese business consultant division will create and implement all necessary tax protocols for your group, ensuring complete compliance with regulatory measures and administrative policies are in place. 
Once there are transactions taking place, our team will ensure all mandatory taxes are paid quickly and correctly.

Duties Management

MMG Thailand ensures that customers who pay all duties in China are clearly identified and are repatriated quickly. 

So you can focus on what matters the most, growing a brand in the market. 

Capital Reconciliation

Capital Reconciliation

We will ensure that once all sales close and the customers are happy, we will report sales numbers and repatriate the required funds swiftly.  

Your capital will leave China as quickly as needed in your required currency.


It is necessary to handle all administrative requirements in the market quickly. 


With an extensive professional team working across three offices in China, MMG Thailand’s on-the-ground consultant team understands all licensing requirements, capital movement, in and out of the market, and understanding all regulatory framework requirements.

Get your company set up and running efficiently in the market.

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Store Set-Up

Store Set-Up

After the research and analysis have revealed a viable market for your brand and products on one of China’s e-commerce platforms, you must take several steps to avoid any mistakes in this complicated process.
The first step is understanding then deciding which of the top e-commerce platforms is suitable for your brand and products.
We handle the setup procedures for all the primary e-commerce platforms and cross-border e-commerce platforms. 


Integrates thousands of brands and manufacturers to provide a one-stop solution between merchants and consumers that offer the following guarantees.
  • 100% quality assurance of products
  • 7 day return policy
  • After-sales service
  • Other quality services for shoppers


Discover more about Tmall essential information.


Tmall Essential



Offers a rapid delivery speed for all orders on a vast selection of products across every major category.
  • Electronics
  • Apparel
  • Home furnishings
  • FMCG
  • Home appliance


Discover more about JD.COM essential information.


JD.COM Essential


Primarily used in two-tier and three-tier markets for inexpensive daily necessities. With the main feature being group purchases with friends, family, neighbors, etc., the user buys the product at a lower price. 


Discover more about Pinduoduo essential  information.


Pinduoduo Essentials

Registration & Documentation

Registration & Documentation

Preparing all the required documents is the first step and most efficiently done by an experienced team member.  
You will need to prepare brand trademark documents, factory licenses, ICP license, among many more that are required to allow you to sell products on e-commerce platforms in China.
This strict system is in place to ensure that consumers are receiving quality products and that local authorities have verified that your company is legitimate. 
MMG Thailand has launched and activated many brands on JD, Tmall, and Pinduoduo E-Commerce platforms. We understand all required steps to ensure you’re brand is not caught up in red tape. 

Activation Steps

Here are the activation steps to ensure your brand grows and produces revenues as quickly as possible. 
MMG Thailand has set up many T Mall and JD.Com stores, successfully ensuring all design and training follow the standards set forth to maximize your sales.
  • E-commerce build
  • Storefront design
  • CSR training and help
  • SKU loading
  • Store deployment
  • Store registration

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