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Embark on a journey of distinction with MMG Thailand’s premium services, crafted exclusively for those seeking the extraordinary.


Envision your brand endorsed by national celebrities, government endorsement, and even celebrated world champions or Nobel Prize winners.


This isn’t merely marketing; it’s about propelling your brand into a league of its own, marked by trust and prestige. MMG Thailand extends an invitation for your brand to not just be seen but to be celebrated. Opt for our premium services, where your brand’s potential is magnified by the endorsement of the world’s best. Excitement awaits as your brand is poised for exceptional recognition!

China Daily

China Daily

We offer Chinese public relations services in various industries, including national media and Chinese government relations.

As public relations is incredibly complex, and even more so in China, given the government’s influence on media outlets and language barriers between brands and consumers, we can assist in all of your PR needs.



Dive into the glitz and glamour with MMG Thailand‘s collaboration with the China Association of Performing Arts. This dynamic partnership grants us exclusive access to a constellation of celebrities, singers, and actors in China. Picture your brand standing side by side with these influential figures as brand ambassadors, instantly adding a dash of star power and credibility to your image.

With MMG Thailand’s connection to this association, your brand gains the unique advantage of not only being noticed but also trusted by a vast and diverse audience throughout China.

General Administration of Sport of China

General Administration of Sport of China

Embark on a journey into the realm of champions with MMG Thailand‘s unique link to the General Administration of Sport of China.

This special connection opens doors for your brand to team up with world champions and Olympic medalists. Imagine having these sporting heroes as ambassadors, instantly boosting your brand’s image and making it a “champion brand.” MMG Thailand’s access to these influential figures ensures your brand isn’t just seen but celebrated as a symbol of excellence.
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The Nobel Prize

Visit the world of excellence with MMG Thailand. Our collaboration with Nobel Prize winners allows your brand to share the stage with global thought leaders.

With these connections, your brand becomes more than a name; it’s a symbol of innovation and intellectual prowess. Elevate your brand’s image and connect with your audience on a profound level as your brand becomes synonymous with the highest echelons of achievement.

The Nobel Prize
Xiaohongshu (Little Redbook)

Xiaohongshu (Little Redbook)

Start a journey of fruitful collaboration with MMG Thailand, where our long-standing, senior-level relationship with Little Red Book comes to your brand’s advantage.

Back in 2019, when Little Red Book was still gaining recognition, MMG Thailand was at the forefront, establishing close ties that have now evolved into a beneficial partnership.

Today, as Little Red Book stands as the first choice in Chinese marketing, our enduring friendship ensures that working with MMG brings you exclusive perks on the platform – from special advertising rates to invitations to exclusive campaigns and more. Trust MMG Thailand to leverage our established connections for your brand’s success in the dynamic realm of Chinese marketing.



Forge a path to success with MMG Thailand’s exclusive ties to Dianping. Our senior management boasts prior experience within Dianping, China’s foremost marketing platform for Chinese tourists.

This unrivaled connection ensures your brand takes the express lane, leveraging our insider insights and moving beyond traditional approaches. Whether it’s dining, shopping, travel, or attractions, trust MMG Thailand to navigate the intricacies of Dianping and propel your brand to the next level.


MMG Thailand has established a partnership in Thailand with China’s largest user-generated content (UGC) site with only trusted reviews and selected advertisements for attractions, wellness, leisure, entertainment, food, and beverage businesses.
It is also the world’s largest online and on-demand delivery platform with over 290 million monthly active users and 600 million registered users.

Duan & Duan Legal

At MMG Thailand, we pride ourselves on giving the most up-to-date expert advice and information to our clients. We have established partnerships with some of the leading companies in Mainland China.
As in the case for our business services department, we have partnered with Duan & Duan, a powerhouse law firm established in 1992 and has grown to over one thousand legal professionals firm-wide.
Duan & Duan has become one of the most renowned full-service law firms in China, continuously providing the best quality legal services in registering a foreign-owned company. Trademark registration and or disputes, among other e-commerce related legal services.


We have various cost-effective, convenient, and efficient ways to manage the supply chain and logistics.
Shipping to China or Thailand hassles-free with easy door-to-door service, and expedited custom clearance. We have exclusive agreements with China Shipping and Yang Ming to ensure that we can get our clients’ best service and rates.
To successfully operate e-commerce or cross-border business, one of the most critical areas is the supply chain to ensure the consumers get a hassle-free, quick and safe way to receive their products.

We Chat Pay

MMG Thailand is proud to announce our prestigious senior management relationship with Xiaohongshu, the groundbreaking Chinese app revolutionizing brand discovery and engagement. With its ingenious fusion of social media and e-commerce, Xiaohongshu empowers over 400 million users to share genuine product recommendations, travel guides, and lifestyle tips.
As a trusted partner, MMG Thailand enables brands to unlock the full potential of Xiaohongshu’s robust advertising tools, capitalizing on its highly engaged user base. Seamlessly connecting with their target audience, brands can cultivate unwavering brand loyalty and forge meaningful connections in this vibrant digital landscape.
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