A Synergistic Cooperation Between MMG’s Expertise and Thailand’s Pioneering Healthcare Center

Challenge :

1. Limited promotion due to constraints in the overseas medical industry preventing extensive advertising.

2. Chinese individuals in the country lack information about international hospitals in Thailand.

3. Language barriers hinder Thai-Chinese residents from making informed choices regarding suitable hospitals.

Bumrungrad International Hospital
  • WeChat Presence: Established a WeChat official account to publish professional and Chinese-friendly medical service articles. Detailed introductions about the hospital’s specialized departments, doctors, and significant projects (such as birth packages and IVF) were provided. Chinese customer service was implemented to address inquiries promptly and offer high-quality service, encouraging satisfied clients to recommend the hospital to friends, expanding the circle of referrals.
  • Internet Presence: Registered on various internet platforms as a translator’s account, sharing daily hospital activities to inform both domestic and international Chinese audiences. Additionally, offered free translation services to increase traffic.
  • Offline Promotion: Displayed QR codes for the official account and other social media platforms in the hospital’s front desk, consultation centers, and various departments to attract new clients continuously. Premium online content was used to direct traffic offline, fostering sustained and progressive conversions.
  • Press Releases/Vertical Marketing: Conducted a series of articles published across various doctor or healthcare industry-specific media or platforms in China. These articles aimed to promote different departments, specialized units, renowned doctors, and specific projects like IVF.
  • Over 400 monthly interactions for appointments across all online platforms.
  • Monthly article readings exceeding 30,000 on various internet platforms.
  • Over 5 significant medical projects completed (specifically related to inquiries about childbirth and IVF, exceeding expectations).

Successfully facilitated organic sharing of medical experiences, enhancing the hospital’s visibility, increasing understanding among Chinese individuals both domestically and internationally, and converting potential clients.

Healthcare Center

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