MMG‘s Impactful Partnership, Enriched Minds and Grew Chinese Enrollment

Challenge :

Shrewsbury International School Bangkok (SHB) has enjoyed a close collaboration with
MMG for the past two years, solidifying its status as one of the most esteemed British international school brands in the Asian region.

However, Shrewsbury Bangkok and Shrewsbury Hong Kong face distinct challenges. With the ongoing reforms in China’s private international education system, an increasing number of Chinese families are opting for overseas international schools.


Facilitated by MMG’s proactive efforts, Shrewsbury has experienced a significant surge in visibility on Chinese social media and the internet, capturing the attention and enrollment applications of numerous parents. Yet, for SHB, the paramount challenge lies in selectively identifying families and students aligned with the school’s distinctive culture.


Meanwhile, at Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong (SHK), situated in the fiercely competitive international school market, the primary challenge revolves around attracting a greater number of parents and successfully converting families interested in the school.

Shrewsbury International School Bangkok


Establishing a Comprehensive Social Media Platform: Initiate the creation of various social media platforms from scratch, including but not limited to WeChat, Redbook, and Zhihu. Through these platforms, we aim to present aspects of school life, teaching quality, and student achievements in a lively and engaging manner. Regularly updating the content on these platforms is crucial to continually attract the attention of more prospective parents and students.


Professional Customer Service Support: Provide dedicated customer service support that not only assists families in gauging their compatibility with the school but also directly delivers carefully screened leads to the school. This initiative not only addresses initial communication challenges but also effectively reduces the school’s communication costs, allowing the school to focus more on delivering high-quality educational services.


Online and Offline Campus Exploration Events:Organize multiple online and offline campus exploration events to provide in-depth showcases of the school’s distinctive features. This strategy aims to attract more parental attention and participation.


Baidu SEM and PPC Strategy: Elaborate on the significance of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Identify over 1,000 keywords relevant to international education to ensure precise advertising placement on the Baidu search engine, thereby enhancing exposure and click-through rates among the target audience.


Strategic PR Activities:Create and successfully release PR content for Shrewsbury Bangkok’s 5th-anniversary celebration at the city campus and the 20th-anniversary celebration at the Riverside campus. These activities aid in building the image of the school as the premier international school in Thailand. 

international school in Thailand


Social Media Content Updates and Optimization: Optimize and regularly update content on WeChat, Xiaohongshu, and Zhihu platforms to attract local and international attention, crafting a brand image with diverse appeal.


KOL (Key Opinion Leader) Collaborations: Collaborate with local education experts, teachers, and other KOLs in Hong Kong. Leverage their social media influence to enhance the school’s exposure and strengthen the trust parents and students have in the school.


Online and Offline Campus Exploration Events: Organize multiple online and offline campus exploration events to provide in-depth showcases of the school’s distinctive features. This strategy aims to attract more parental attention and participation.


Baidu Advertising: Provide a detailed explanation of the strategic importance of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC). Through keyword optimization, ensure that advertisements reach the target parents and students more accurately on Baidu. This approach aims to increase visibility and enrollment effectiveness.



SHB has achieved remarkable operational results. The growth of Chinese national students has exceeded 35%. In terms of internet exposure, the monthly exposure on Baidu has reached an impressive 240,869, with a click-through rate of 1.94%. On social media, the school has accumulated over 2600 followers on Redbook and WeChat platforms, simultaneously attracting 140+ leads. When searching for Shrewsbury Bangkok, our content consistently appears in the top three. The successful conversion of students from mainland China includes affluent families from first-tier cities and students from other high-quality international schools (such as Harrow China).



The operational strategy of SHK has yielded significant results. Through targeted distribution on social media, the school has successfully attracted more families from the mainland. Additionally, six online and offline campus exploration events have been organized successfully, providing potential parents with comprehensive opportunities to understand the school’s features and advantages.

In terms of Baidu advertising, the cumulative monthly exposure has reached 549,131, with a high click-through rate (CTR) of 2.96%. This demonstrates the school’s excellent strategies in search engine marketing (SEM) and Baidu advertising, ensuring widespread exposure of school advertisements on the internet and successfully capturing the attention and inquiries of a large number of potential student parents.



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