MMG Propels the Fashion Brand to a Chic Victory in the Chinese Market

Challenge :

1. Limited brand awareness among Chinese consumers.

2. Lack of knowledge about the Jim Thompson House as a tourist destination in Bangkok.

3. Products not aligned with viral micro-trends in China, affecting market relevance.

Jim Thompson
  • Story Emphasis: Highlighted Jim Thompson’s rich history and unique product features.
  • Catering to Chinese Visitors: Developed a Chinese version of the menu and entrance ticket to accommodate essential information for Chinese customers.
  • Influencer Collaboration: Engaged with 20 Chinese influencers and 100 Redbook-based amateur reviewers monthly to promote Jim Thompson.
  • Tailored Offers: Crafted exclusive promotional offers and discounts targeting Chinese consumers, including a 10% discount for travelers who joined the brand’s Fanclub/Social Media channels.
  • Brand Popularity: Established JT as a sought-after brand for Chinese tourists on Redbook, achieving a Monthly Growth of over 1,000 followers on WeChat Official Account, with consistently positive reviews.
  • Purchase Conversion: Attained an impressive 18.8% purchase conversion rate among Chinese tourists at JT’s retail stores, averaging a purchase per person of over 15,000 THB.
  • Tourist Attraction: The Jim Thompson House gained traction among Chinese travelers, accumulating more than 500 user posts within 1 month, showcasing their experiences with JT products and visiting the JT House.
  • Revenue Surge: Saw a 25% increase in sales revenue at JT’s restaurant and JT House within 4 months.
Fashion Brand in Chinese Market

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