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Real Estate

Spearheading Real Estate Excellence with MMG’s Chinese Marketing Prowess

Challenge & Objective:
Based on data, Chinese individuals hold a dominant 48.3% share in Thailand‘s foreign apartment market, a significant driving force. SC ASSET, a leading real estate developer in Thailand, sought entry into this potentially vast market. Their aim was to capture the attention of both Chinese residents in Thailand and those intending to relocate, attracting interested real estate agents to expand their reach to more intermediaries or direct property buyers. Also, given strict limitations on overseas real estate advertising by the Chinese government, the client desire to find solutions to navigate these inconveniences and potential risks.
  • Visualized Presentations: MMG rendered the client’s properties more visually appealing, transforming abstract real estate jargon into vivid visual presentations using a more consumer-friendly language.
  • Strategic Collaboration: Collaborating deeply with Chinese expat KOLs and news platforms, they rapidly covered nearly all Chinese individuals in Bangkok.
  • Special Promotions: Implementing various Chinese-targeted promotions such as “10% off for Chinese buyers,” ”Free Gold bar with purchase,“ and ”Free iPhone with purchase,” effectively attracting potential buyers.
  • Utilization of Chinese Platforms: Leveraging Chinese platforms and QR codes, MMG established an exclusive real estate agent group for SC ASSET, strengthening connections between the brand and property intermediaries, enabling faster and wider coverage in the Chinese market for future projects.
Real Estate

Follower Growth:

  • SC ASSET’s official account witnessed a remarkable 59.4% surge in followers within a mere two months.
  • Precise targeting led to an increase in followers among high net-worth individuals in prominent areas like Bangkok, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong.
Engagement Metrics:
  • A staggering 25.4% call-to-action rate showcased the audience’s active response.
  • Exposure rates soared by an astonishing 800% compared to previous benchmarks.

Community Establishment:

  • MMG successfully established an exclusive, high-quality Chinese real estate agent community comprising 79 individuals for the client.
Establishment of Representative Office:
  • With MMG’s support, the client established a mainland China representative office, granting them advertising rights equivalent to any Chinese company and placing them at the forefront among Thai real estate developers.
Real Estate

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