Consumer Trust and Decision-Making

11 MAR 2024

Consumer Trust and Decision-Making in Chinese Beauty & Home Cleaning: Insights for Brands

Information Preferences and Consumer Decision-Making in Chinese Marketing

In China’s beauty and household cleaning market, nearly 80% of consumers prioritize brand reputation, emphasizing its pivotal role in shaping consumer trust. Brands aiming to cultivate trust must strategically spotlight core products and build confidence throughout the consumer’s journey. The perceived brand value hinges on delivering high-quality products, emphasized through sustained industry visibility and a deep understanding of the brand’s philosophy.

To cater to consumer demands, brands need to exude warmth, commitment to quality, and resonance with prevailing trends. Evolving brand communication requires richer, deeper interactions and the dissemination of valuable content. Consumers seek detailed product information, focusing on ingredients and user experience, to establish trust and ensure product safety and efficacy.

In the realm of informational content, comparisons, personal usage sharing, ingredient knowledge dissemination, and updates on favored products are essential touch points aligned with consumer needs. Brands must orchestrate multiple-channel combinations spanning search, content, information platforms, and e-commerce to deliver authentic and trustworthy content, influencing purchasing decisions positively in the dynamic Chinese beauty and household cleaning market.

Consumer Decision-Making Paths and Strategic Brand Marketing


Consumer decision-making paths in the Chinese market involve demand generation, information retrieval, channel selection, and post-purchase engagement. Brands must initiate awareness, provide accurate information, optimize presence on preferred channels, and enhance post-purchase experiences for customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Building long-term brand awareness requires sustainable strategies, diverse marketing methods, and an understanding of different brand types’ appeals. Chinese brands, whether emerging or traditional and globally recognized international brands, necessitate tailored marketing strategies at different stages, from user acquisition to fostering customer loyalty in the dynamic Chinese market landscape.

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