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Ctrip: “China’s leading provider of accommodation reservation, transportation ticketing, package tours, corporate travel management and other travel-related services in China.
It has Asia’s largest online travel agency—with 210 million monthly active users—and it continues to expand its global footprint.


Dianping: China’s answer to Yelp, TripAdvisor and Groupon. When Chinese travel overseas this is the trusted app to find restaurants, entertainment and activities.
It is a trusted source because it is a review site that has only customer generated reviews. It is the world’s largest online and on-demand delivery platform with over 290 million monthly active users and 600 million registered users.
In addition, it offers coupons and group deals that many Chinese have become accustomed to. Let us add this to your arsenal of online platforms to gain more customers, make your business stand out with good reviews.


Redbook : One of China’s most trusted platforms for females with a unique blend of trusted user-generated content, word of mouth advertising and online community-building with 70% of users born after 1990, 80% female users with a total of 300 million registered users.

It is a mix between Pinterest, Instagram sprinkled with Taobao allowing users and well-known personalities to post and share product reviews, travel blogs and lifestyle stories via short videos and photos.

This unique mix has proven to be a huge hit with young urban Chinese women, who often struggle to find trusted sources of product information. And many of these women hold the power to sway the decisions of husbands, boyfriends or other male family members establishing it as a top Pick from MMG Thailand.

MMG Thailand
Weibo : is China’s version of Twitter/Instagram with 465 million active monthly users – a powerhouse of microblogging websites & apps. It is a staple for company’s branding, brand awareness and is China’s biggest social media platform after Tencent WeChat. Most medium and large size companies have an official page as it is a key platform to establish your company’s  branding.
Wechat: 1.1 BILLION ACTIVE USERS, China’s biggest social media platform Similar to Facebook and Line, it is the all in one ecosystem that people pay, share, chat, learn and is a key channel for building a brands fan base and to inform customers of news and information. WECHAT pages have replaced websites, this is where Mainland Chinese get their information and share it.
Zhihu is the biggest knowledge platform in China with a high quality and trusted Chinese question-and-answer site, what would be compared to Quora. Its motto is “Share your knowledge, experiences and thoughts with the world.” Questions are created, answered, edited also organized all by the users. This is the app that Chinese turn to for articles on a large range of topics. The users are well educated, higher income, with strong purchasing power. They are the type of audience that many brands are looking to attract. As of 2018, Zhihu has 20 million registered users, on China’s largest knowledge sharing community platform.

is a travel site most popular with the young generation because of what type of content they feature and how it is delivered with their target audience being below 30 years old. They makes what normally is a complicated travel decision, reservation and over all experience more easy, efficient, and handy.

It is a social-tourism website, a data-driven platform with what they consider to be a new model of tourism e-commerce site.It offers all-dimensional tourism information  and product reservation services like transportation, hotels, tourist spots, catering, shopping and leisure, covering more than 60,000 destinations around the world.

They connect individual travelers with international tourism products and providers to offer a wide range of options for the users. At the same time matching customers with supply and demand bringing providers accurate orders and a good conversion rates. They assist in travel plans for 120,000,000 travellers monthly and are considered to be “Travel Bible” for young people.

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