Luxury Jewelry

Luxury Jewelry


1. Establishing initial brand awareness amidst a fiercely competitive market environment, and effectively capturing and retaining the attention of Chinese consumers.


2. Attracting Chinese consumers to visit physical stores and converting visits into actual purchases.


3. Cultivating awareness among Chinese consumers about natural diamonds and encouraging them to choose them as distinctive gifts.


1. Social Media Content: Customizing social media content and brand storytelling to enhance brand visibility and awareness in the Chinese market. Tailoring content to resonate with Chinese consumer tastes and cultural preferences to increase user engagement and participation.


2. KOL and KOC Collaborations: Collaborating deeply with over 200 KOLs and KOCs to leverage their influence in promoting brand values and unique allure, thereby expanding brand influence and market coverage.

3. Advertising Campaigns: Utilizing keyword search advertising to amplify brand impact and directly guide consumers to offline stores, facilitating actual sales conversions.

4. Optimization of Offline Store Experience: Enhancing Jubilee’s offline store experience in China to increase traffic. Through targeted promotions and offline activities, improving customer firsthand experience and brand loyalty.

  • Social Media Growth: In just 4 weeks, Jubilee’s total platform followers surpassed 10,000, with a growth rate exceeding 110%, and engagement exceeding 100,000 interactions.
  • Impact of KOL and KOC Collaborations: Successful partnerships with over 200 KOLs and KOCs significantly elevated brand exposure and awareness, effectively promoting Jubilee’s brand value with a cumulative exposure exceeding 15,000,000 impressions in the Chinese market.
  • Advertising Performance: The client’s ad campaign achieved an impressive CTR of 6.6% and CPM of 108.6 THB, surpassing industry benchmarks. Keywords related to offline stores such as #MustBuyCentralWorld and #MustVisitCentralWorld consistently ranked in the top 3 search results pages.
  • Increase in Offline Store Traffic: Traffic from Chinese customers to Jubilee’s stores increased by over 200%, with Chinese customers at the CentralWorld store accounting for 70% of the total and achieving a purchase rate of 30%, validating the effectiveness and appeal of our market strategies in physical retail spaces.

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