Doing Business in China
The worldwide perspective shows that China presents an array of business possibilities...
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Understand How to Market in China
Before entering the Chinese market as a foreign business requires extensive research...
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Chinese Expat Community
The Key to Market to the Chinese Expat Community
There are three key areas in the Chinese market: The Chinese living in China (1.4 billion)
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WeChat expansion in e-commerce with JD, Xiaohongshu (Redbook) integration
WeChat launched WeStore in 2020, an online mini store program....
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China's big data market forecast: 2021 - 2024
The big data market in China has exceeded US$10 billion for the first time in 2020,
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Tmall Essential
02 Jan 2024 Essential Integrates thousands of...
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JD Essential
02 Jan 2024 Essential Offers a rapid delivery speed...
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Pinduoduo Essential
02 Jan 2024 Pinduoduo Essential Primarily used in tier-two...
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Analysis of Consumer Sleep Patterns and Bedding Preferences in the Chinese Market
This study delves into Chinese residents' sleep behaviors and bedding preferences ....
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