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Are you ready for China’s return ?

Are you ready for China's return?

Chinese Marketing Agency

By Molihua Media Group published in April 2020

Is the world market ready for China’s return?

Because of the well-organized and strict measures taken by the Chinese government, along with the cooperation of the people, and all the efforts taken by the the medical community who went to help Wuhan, medical staff from all parts of China, have now returned to their hometowns on the 3rd of April.
Wuhan, a city of 14 million people, as well as being my hometown is officially open again and getting back on track step by step. The red-zone is cleared from the COVID-19 virus.

Thailand will you be ready?

After being grounded for 75 days, the “retaliatory consumption” has begun, people are rushing for a 5L milk tea, the hot-pot restaurants are full due to the fact that so many people missed their favorite places to eat, shop and hangout along with other products and services.
It’s only a matter of time before Chinese tourists return to Thailand, it’s time for businesses to start to prepare for the first wave of tourist’s traveling overseas.

MMG Thailand

All the love and support from the Thai government and the people of Thailand during these trying times has been acknowledged and highly appreciated by the Chinese citizens.

The public opinion towards Thailand is very positive now, we have seen many people commenting on social media about looking forward to traveling to Thailand and some other countries like Japan.

It is believed that the Chinese tourists will reciprocate by traveling and consuming Thai products and services “The grace of dripping water should be reciprocated by a gushing spring.” Will you be ready to relaunch your business with the right target?

Manage the Chinese market in a Chinese way!
The Chinese market is very different, it has a unique business philosophy and marketing methods:

1-Marketing methods for Mainland Chinese are distinctly different from Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand and the rest of the world.

MMG Thailand

1-Traditional hard-sale online advertisement is no doubt NOT one of the efficient strategies.

2-People are not interested in buy 1 get 20% off, how about offering something for free! Like the Luckin Coffee shop brand that stole more than 50% of the market share from competitors like Starbucks by offering products for free.
The Luckin Coffee brand has been extremely successful in understanding the market and what consumers are responsive too.

Advertisment says:
“The first cup is free, or buy 2 get 1 free”

The campaign worked on a mass appeal and their shops were busy…

4– The key to successful branding is building E-word-of-mouth with a trusted voice

MMG Thailand
5– China is ever changing with new innovative techniques and marketing methods. We pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest techniques that gain success for our clients.

Where is your Businesses opportunity? Marketing to Chinese?

In Chinese, the word “crisis” combines the meaning of “crisis” and “chance”. The COVID-19 has pushed the economy to a standstill for Q1 and Q2, however to recover the government is investing trillions into the economy, this is aimed at quick starting the economy to continue growth to ensure that the spending power prevails and the Chinese continue to prosper and travel. 

Everyone in China is online. Online life has broken all the boundaries no matter what age you are or where you live.

During quarantine, people aged 10-60 had to order the majority of their living and food supplies online from APPs. So now the combination of pre-existing online users and new users that have become accustomed to using the internet, making buying decisions online, is an even larger market.

Consumers have become “smarter” due to the high-speed of information and transparency.

Now more than ever, Consumers are well informed about products and services of different types of businesses, and their competitors.All from a mobile device where they can make decisions within minutes. Businesses can advertise hard and dry with straightforward discount or build their business with E-word-of-mouth enabling you to build your product or services, all at the same time communicating quality and brand awareness instead of competing just on price.

When looking for a voice don’t be fooled by likes & views – trust the data.
When you select a KOL/KOC, (Key opinion leader/Key Opinion consumer) you must be cautious in how you choose the right voice for your business and trust the long-term data to make a decision. MMG can guide you through this process and suggest the right voice for your objectives and the right Chinese platform. We have a large database of KOLs and KOC that can match your business goals and branding.

Video content is king.
With 5G being in full commercial use in China since 1st November 2019. Text content from 3G, audio/image content from 4G will gradually become a thing of the past. For daily use, 5G stands for speed. There will be no video buffering, therefore video marketing and live e-commerce will become a major marketing method. So the importance of quality video content is a key way to represent your business and communicate with your target audience.

MMG Thailand

5-The key is producing quality video content and being consistent in the production output.

Lazy marketing will suffer, and cost you a lot more in the long run.MMG is the only mainland Chinese operated marketing and consultancy company in Thailand. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more hidden solutions.

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